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New to Investing in Residential Rentals?  PLEASE READ! And TAKE HEED!


Sylvia’s story…..


Sylvia purchased a home with the intent to use the rent as residual income.  She placed an ad on Craigslist and promptly found a renter.  She was overjoyed!  She could now sit back and watch the money roll in!  Within 6 short months, her renters had vacated the property but not before stripping the property of appliances, light fixtures, security systems and even the kitchen sink!  Making matters worse, they used the fireplace poker to poke a single devastating hole in each of the first floor tiles (1200 sq ft of tile!) 


Trying to save money, Sylvia opted not to pay for homeowners insurance assuming the renter would cover everything with rental insurance (an insurance she did not require in the lease!).  She met with the police and reported the crime, however the police were unable to assist since she had no witnesses nor could she prove the renters had done the dirty deed.  Having opted out of a home owner’s insurance policy, she could make no claim for the damages or theft.  The cost to repair and replace the stolen items exceeded $30,000!


Sylvia’s mistakes? 


·        She lived 3 hours from the property and was unable to make regular checks on her property or the tenants

·        She used Craigslist to find the renters, however did not do background nor credit checks on the tenants nor validate their income.

·        She undervalued the rent at $800/month when the average for her home in that neighborhood was $1350/month.

·        She did not insure her property against damage or theft

·        She never met the neighbors who assumed the renters were the owners so were not suspicious when the robbery took place!


If you’re new to investing or adding to your rental portfolio, BE SMART!


·        Unless you live nearby and plan on routinely checking on your property, HIRE A PROPERTY MANAGER!  They charge an estimated 1 month’s rent and provide invaluable service

o   Credit and back ground checks on every tenant over the age of 18

o   They use regulated real estate contracts which protect both the owner and the tenant

o   They provide you with accurate rental rates for your property

o   They ensure the rent is paid and repairs are made

o   They require the renter to show proof of renters insurance

o   Renters call them with the headaches instead of waking you at 2 am!

o   In the event a renter must be evicted, THEY DO THE DIRTY WORK!

·        Always insure your property!

o   In the event of a crime, you are protected

o   In the event of an accident on the property, your liabilities are limited

o   In the event of theft or damage, you are protected

·        Meet your neighbors!  They are your eyes and ears and your first responders!  Share with them your contact information or better yet, your property managers information!


I work with some amazing Property Managers in the San Antonio area.  Looking for referrals?  Call me at 210-862-5126 or email me at

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Closing Costs... How Much Can I ask the Seller to Pay

I need some closing costs paid by the seller, but how much?

It is common for buyers to want assistance with closing costs when they are getting ready to purchase a home. Remember that closing costs are separate and above the amount of down payment required by the lender to get a loan on your new home. What do a buyer’s closing costs consist of? Buyer’s closing costs are a combination of a portion of the title policy, the appraisal fee, tax and flood certificate fees, title fees such as recording, escrow, delivery, copy and recording fees, HOA transfer fees, and possibly a few other negotiable fees such as the cost of a survey.


Closing costs are also different than prepaid items. Prepaid items usually consist of one year’s worth of homeowners insurance, and a minimum of three months of property taxes to be held in escrow.


How much in closing costs can a buyer ask for while negotiating their offer with a seller? The amount is always negotiable, but the following rules apply depending on the type of loan the buyer is using.


With a conventional loan with 5% down payment, the most in closing costs they can ask a seller to pay is 3% of the sales price. If they are putting 10% down with a conventional loan, the seller can pay up to 6%. If the buyer is doing an FHA loan, the seller can pay up to 6% of the sales price in closing costs. And if the buyer is using a VA loan, the seller can contribute a maximum of 4% in closing costs.

These are great numbers to use as a guideline when considering how much you will require as a buyer, and also what the maximum amount you could ask for in assistance toward closing costs from the seller.



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San Antonio Real Estate market still hot

San Antonio-area home sales continued to rise at a rapid clip in January as prices surged, building off of last year’s record results.

San Antonio-area residential sales volume surged 6.6 percent from 12 months ago, with 1,534 homes sold, according to data from the San Antonio Board of Realtors. The median price of a home also got pricier, rising 4.6 percent year-over-year, to $186,100 from $178,000.


Local housing remains a seller’s market, with low inventory and high demand. The inventory — measured by the average time it takes for a home on the market to be sold if no new homes are listed — stayed tight at three and a half months in January, matching the record low set in December. The market is considered balanced between buyers and sellers when the inventory is at six months.

About 2,800 home listings were posted during the month, 600 more than in January 2015. Nevertheless, SABOR Chairman Bob Jacobs predicted that inventory will stay squeezed for a while as the area population grows.


“All indication is we’re going to still keep a little tight. We’ve been doing that now for probably the last 18 months,” he said. “Texas is still a net-gain state as far as population. If you live in San Antonio, you know the pluses of San Antonio — there are very few bad reviews here until you get into August and it’s 103 degrees for 12 days straight.”

San Antonio’s healthy economy and growing population, along with low interest rates, drove the sales and price increases, experts said. They predicted that sales will keep rising this year, but at a slower rate than in 2015 as the oil crisis squeezes the broader Texas economy.

“We might not set a new record, but we’ll still be in pretty good shape,” said Jim Gaines, chief economist at the Texas A&M University Real Estate Center. “It’s like taking your foot off the accelerator a little bit.”

Inventory could become less tight this year as homebuilders increase the pace of construction to meet demand, ending up at 4.5 or five months, Gaines predicted.

Home sales took a 30.7 percent slide last month compared to December, when 2,214 homes were sold — a typical trajectory for that time of year. December is a busy month to close on a home as borrowers try to lock in the transaction in time to claim the tax deduction and banks seek to book the loan before the end of the year.

A record high of 27,154 homes were sold in the metropolitan area last year, beating the previous record set in 2006 before the housing crisis. The median home price broke $200,000 for the first time in May, peaking at $202,500.

Home prices have surged consistently over the past few years. The portion of homes sold in January with prices under $200,000 declined to 55.7 percent from 59.2 percent during that month last year. About 40 percent were priced between $200,000 and $500,000, up from 37.3 percent last year, while 4.5 percent cost more than $500,000.


Contributed by San Antonio Express News


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     10 Tips to Selling Your Home for more Money

     The fact is that there aren’t very many homes around that don’t
     need at least a minor facelift before they go on the market for sale.
     It’s imperative for you to quit thinking of your house as your home,
     but rather as an investment that is going to provide a great return.

     That is, it can provide a great return if you can persuade someone
     to buy it. Well, my friend, you are in luck! That’s exactly what I’m
     going to help you figure out how to do.

Click here to download 10 Tips for selling your home for more money.

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Trends to Watch Out For in 2016

What Commercial Real Estate be like this 2016? What are the trends that investors should watch out for as this year unfold? These are just two of the many questions that stakeholders from the business enterprises are asking.


Business Insider reports that "the Federal Reserve is not seeing a lot of inflation right now." In fact, the Fed's recently released on Wednesday the "Beige Book," which "summarized how the economies in the Fed's 12 districts are performing."


It is noted how labor markets improves and employment increases in most districts. It is also stated in the "Beige Book" that activities in residential and commercial real estate have generally improved as well. District reports that "stronger activity tended to be cited for multifamily construction and commercial real estate. House prices and commercial rental rates also rose somewhat in most Districts."


According to National Real Estate Investor, "The U.S. property market landscape in 2016 will appear similar to that of 2015, with a number of interwoven aspects that bode well for savvy investors who can step out in front of ongoing, and in some cases intensifying, economic, demographic and technological trends."


The report mainly highlights the 6 Trends that experts in the real estate sector think to take part in commercial real estate in the upcoming year.


The number one trend being mentioned is the Global Urbanization. It is noted to continue in the United States and in other places. Boomers and Millennials will get more access to jobs from different sectors. Thus, demands of housing increases including office and other real estate property types.


Second, Interest rates on the rise. This might be expected since December 2016. However, "Forecasts vary, but the likelihood is that the FFR will rise at least to, or above, 1.0 in 2016, with 10-yr treasuries pushing fractionally higher, toward the 3.0 percent mark." There are still some factors that keep the rates at bay.


Third trend is the continued Increased International Capital Flows in U.S. Real Estate assets. Report says that the property market in the United States is the "most stable, transparent in the world, making it an easy investment choice."


The three other trends that play a significant role in commercial real estate in 2016 are the continued stress on retail, Continued limited supply additions, and Lower Energy Prices.


With all those 6 trends in commercial real estate in 2016, it is with a high hope that the overall condition of the national economy will be better off.


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