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My exeriences have taught me that LIVING WELL is the key to happiness.  Living well is more than just eating right, it's finding a way to extract everything you can from every moment, every morsel and drop that enters your mouth, every experience you have and more importantly create.  It also means learning how to enjoy the quiet, how to internalize and apprecciate what you have at this moment.  Life can be really short, live it well!

My Story

   In July of 2011 I was dianosed with a rare virus which penetrated the lining of my brain and central nervous system.  I suffered 7 strokes, lost both my short and long term memory for nearly 3 years, and presented with significan MS symptoms causing me to lose mobility and strength.  I went through 6 months of horrific intravenous chemotherapy only to have the doctors at Mayo Clinic tell me that the treatment failed.  There were less than 10,000 reported cases worldwide and they had no fix.  They gave me 12 to 18 months to live.

​   After that news and my last chemo treatment, I lay in bed for 2 weeks surviving the effects of the chemo when I sat up and screamed, "I don't have time to die!"  I had left my job, started a new company, divorced and was in the middle of a 3800 sq ft rehab.  I didn't go through all that just to die.   Heck, my life was supposed to be beginning!

​   A few weeks later I was introduced to Richard Hirsch, Chiropractor and a practicing Energy Healer.  We spent the first week doing the assessment and the following 6 months working agressively on the energy healing process.  My results were amazing.  I regained my functionality, my memory and my life.  After 6 months I had new bloodwork done and was told there was no indication of the virus.  Was I healed?  In many ways, but I still had a long road to travel to put my life back together.  And I did.  Once again, I found myself thinking, "If I can survive that, I can survive anything!"

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