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My Big Leap

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Have you ever experienced that nagging feeling that something was missing in your life? Not that your life was broken, just that something was missing. That's where I found myself in 2010. My marriage was 'empty', I wasn't happy with my job, I was tired all the time and just wanted to run away. As the months rolled by, I found myself listening to an ad on the radio in my car for an "Aging but Dangerous Martini Jump". Now that sounded interesting!

The jump was scheduled for a stunningly gorgeous Saturday in August. I went with my husband (now my WASbund) and my daughter. I suited up, went through the training and then made the long walk to the plane and to meet Dan, my tandem jumper.

First thrill, being very securely strapped to a gorgeous man of 6'4". And while a bit awkward, also very thrilling! In moments we were in the air and headed up to 14,000 ft. Once at the right altitude, we edged our way to the open door of the plane and in just seconds rolled out into open air.

Seond thrill... For the first 3 seconds, my only thought was, "Oh my God! I'm gonna die!" Dan pulled the auxiliary parachute (such a tiny chute, but what an impact!) We spun and twisted and flew through the air. Wow! What an amazing and thrilling experience! My heart was pounding in my chest and every muscle tensed.

The main chute opened and we floated to the ground. Wow! Instant silence. Absolutely no noise, only the scenery below. What I later realized was the sudden drop impacted my hearing and I actually couldn't hear anything for a day or so afterward. We finally landed (on our feet) and I had this overwhelming feeling that "if I could do this.... I could do anything!"

And I did! I quit my job, launched a Real Estate Investment business, filed for divorce, finished rehabbing my 3800 sq ft house then I loaded up my car and move to San Antonio!

Would I do it again? Hell yes! Jump scheduled for September 2023! By the way... the Martini was hand delivered when I touched ground. What a great way to calm my nerves!

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